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This is a community-led and run event, 100% by members of the Splunk Community; Splunk partners, users, and even the SplunkTrust.  We strive to bring technical content to the end users.  We focus on the fill picture bringing in people from around the community.  Talks can be about Splunk, Splunk Add-Ons, applications to connect to Splunk, application that have been developed because of Splunk, and oh course the crazy way we use Splunk.  Are you a Splunker, Splunk Community Member, Splunk Partner, Big Data Lover, or just someone curious about technology?  You are in the right place!

Past events

Conference Event

BSides SPL 2022

Conference Event

.conf21 - Virtual Chat

Conference Event

BSides Splunk 2021


Rich Mahlerwein

Community Leader
Sideview, LLC

Clara Merriman

Community Leader

Ryan Wood

Splunk Implementation & PS Delivery Engineer

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