Diogo Silva

About Me

Oh Hi! I'm Diogo and I work with Splunk both on my practice in Portugal and as a Splunk professional Services contractor for Splunk. My journey with Splunk started in 2014 and I would say it has been a life changing experience since then which made me love this product so much. Everything from quick delivering value to customers to those wow faces from the customers when they first see their use cases working give me joy. I worked with customers from all kinds of verticals in very different use cases. I hold most of splunk certifications and accreditations including Splunk Architect, Core Consultant and Enterprise Security Admin. As a hobby I enjoy contributing to the Splunk community by developing splunk apps and add-ons for several technologies which I then make available for free in splunkbase. I am also part of the SplunkTrust cohort for 2021. You can find me on Splunk community/answers and the Splunk user groups slack as @diogofgm