Tony Reinke

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About Me

I have been in some work of technology since I was 18. Although I have been interested in technology my whole life. I enjoy seeing a challenge and figuring out why it is a challenge and then solving the problem of how to make it not a challenge anymore. This could mean directly fixing the issue causing the problem or it could mean working with other people to redefine methods. This methodology was first learned playing sports. I grew up in an athletic family. I enjoyed playing football, wrestling, and track. I found myself drawn to the science of the sports. I would watch game footage to find the patterns in football and wrestling. Not just seeing what the other teams or opponents were doing, but how could I improve myself. Along with the drive to always be improving myself, I look at ways to help my team. By pushing your team to become better, everyone improves. If I have some knowledge that can be shared, I want to teach everyone about it. Through sports and coaching I have learned valuable lessons about leading and being lead. Being the team leader sometimes means taking that step back and listening.