DevSecOps – It's A Team Sport (and a raffle!)

Boston Splunk User Group
Thu, Feb 11, 12:00 PM (EST)

About this event

DevSecOps derives its own name from being an amalgamation of formerly three separate common teams within most IT organizations, Development, Security and Operations. With the onslaught of new technologies and methods to build, deploy and secure such solutions, it's become paramount to unite and streamline these traditionally separate activities. This doesn't come without its own set of challenges; from turf wars to knowledge and abilities, with most of the effort trying to wed-up the right puzzle pieces to ensure overall team successes.

There's also no success in this area given to a group of "rock stars" or "prima donnas" but more from "roadies" and "sidemen" who work to make sure the whole show is going to be good rather than try to take center stage. Finding, identifying, and nurturing the staff and talent that is willing to work through the change not only within the IT organization, but are also ambassadors to the rest of the organization to help them through the new ways of exploiting the new ways of integrating technology into business.


Splunk is going the extra mile to promote Global Splunk User Group Week!

They randomly picked six user groups and gave the leader two Oculus Quests 2s: one to keep and one to raffle off; and we got picked! So come next week and you might be that lucky winner (see additional requirements below).

But wait, there is more! They are funding an additional prize to raffle off. Another (different) lucky attendee will get a Raspberry Pi 4.

To win, you have to be:

a) present during the drawing

b) be a current Splunk customer or partner

c) ask a question relevant to the presentation OR suggest a future topic

d) provide an email and shipping address if you win

I'll ask for topics during the meeting.

May the odds be ever in your favor!


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