BOSS of Ops and O11y OHIO!

Jan 19, 2023, 6:00 – 10:00 PM

6th version of BOSS of Ops and Observability! BOO - Boss of Observability and Operations of Ohio

About this event

We are virtual this year!

So get ready, Shirtheads! You will once again be assuming the role of Ace, Splunk TShirt Co's (STSC) IT and Observability guru. You are responsible for keeping the STSC site up and running, dealing with helpdesk issues, and helping STSC monitor their hybrid environment as they make it through their cloud journey. STSC has some new initiatives this year, but as always, Splunk's Observability portfolio is your weapon of choice. Get your shirt together and build your team of up to 4 participants and prepare to race the clock, and your peers, in the 6th version of BOSS of Ops and Observability!


  • Dustin Eastman

  • Craig Fox

    Splunk Inc.


  • Ron Grabowski

    Columbus User Group Leader

  • Amgad Fahmy

    S&P Global

    security pro

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