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December 2023 - Edinburgh Splunk User Group (In Person)

Dec 7, 2023, 6:30 – 8:00 PM

Welcome back to the Splunk User Group session, to be hosted in person.

About this event

Welcome back to the Splunk User Group session hosted in-person.

It's been a long time, at least long enough for Splunk to mark this as an inactive group. It's been tricky to produce content and user groups this year, but we at least want to have a session before the year ends.

We've got two topics:

The first will see Tom Wise cover Mission Control, which is sure to be interesting to see in action

The second will see Andrew McManus talk about Splunk in terms of five levels of experience with Splunk.

At the end, attendees will be encouraged to bring up issues or ideas they've had with Splunk, and the rest of the attendees get involved with helping out. If you want to bring your issue to the session, please get in touch with us prior to the event so we can ensure we can help with your issue.

In Person: 

The session will take place in Adarma HQ, located at 133 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh. Please try to get here early, as we will need to let you into the building. Contact Details will be sent out the day of the event.


Our session will be hosted online through YouTube Live. We do prefer if people attend in person.


"Mission Control Walkthrough - Walk through of an event life cycle using Mission Control"

"Splunkers Explain Splunk in Five Levels - Inspired by viral YouTube series, "Explain X in Five Levels", will be covering a humorous and informative look at Splunk through the eyes of five different expert levels" 

Code of Conduct

We adopt and enforce the Berlin Code of Conduct (CoC) for all our events and all cases of abuse or harassment are dealt with swiftly and in accordance with this CoC.

Any concerns or issues should be reported to the organisers of this chapter:

Andrew McManus ( / @Andrew McManus on Splunk Community Slack)

Tom Wise ( / @phanTom on Splunk Community Slack)

Contributing to the SUG

We are always looking out for new speakers or participants to this SUG. We can be contacted in many ways:

See above for our contact details as well as:

Splunk Community: Interact with us at our Splunk Community Hub page

Slack: Join up to the Splunk Community Slack at and join us at #Edinburgh

LinkedIn: User Group LinkedIn Page



Thursday, December 7, 2023
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM UTC


Mission Control Walkthrough
Splunkers Explain Splunk in Five Levels
Any Other Business


  • Tom Wise


    Leader, Edinburgh Splunk User Group

  • Andrew McManus

    Lloyds Banking Group

    Edinburgh User Group Leader

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