Splunk Operator for Kubernetes – Community Masterclass - Part #1

Fort Worth Splunk User Group

Thursday, April 29, 2021, 8:00 – 9:30 PM UTC


About this event

Splunk Operator for Kubernetes – Community Masterclass - Part #1

The Splunk User Group London & Fort Worth Splunk User Group are collaborating to hold a rather unique three-part special event around the Splunk Operator for Kubernetes. This session is for all experience levels.

We are being joined by Splunk’s esteemed staff consulting engineer Matt Modestino. Matt is a leading expert and voice for our global community.

He has spoken at many events and is also an honorary member of SplunkTrust. Matt is great storyteller and loves Splunk integrations, so an ideal speaker for us to learn from together as a community. Matt is based around Ontario in Canada.

We are running this session in three parts.

****** Part 1 : Thursday April 29th 15:00 CT/21:00 BST

Matt will inform us of the concept of the Splunk Operator and all the work that leads up to it, and how it aims to deliver the easiest way to run and maintain Splunk infrastructure in today's modern datacentres. The operator fundamental areas being discussed will include Splunk Enterprise >> Ansible >> Docker >> Kubernetes >> Splunk Operator for Kubernetes

Matt will walk us through how we can build our own Splunk deployments using the Operator. This will cover deploying, using and playing. It can be used for anything from standalone to multi-site cluster. This full and complete walkthrough will inspire our confidence to click, on our way to being data rock stars!!

Matt has very kindly created a user group GitLab repository, especially for us to try out everything he will be showing for ourselves, step by step.

****** Part 2: Thursday April 29th to Thursday May 20th 15:00 CT/21:00 BST

Our community will have an opportunity to experiment with building our own Splunk deployments based on what was learned in part 1. Matt’s excellent step by step GitLab repository will be invaluable for us. We will be using the new Splunk User Group Slack channel #splunk-operator-for-kubernetes to further support each other during this part. Matt and his colleagues will be participating in this channel.

You can sign up to the Slack channel at splk.it/slack

****** Part 3: Thursday May 20th 15:00 CT/21:00 BST

We will all regroup to pick up from where we left off. Matt will revisit the operator and the GitLab repository and discuss the observations, discussion points and lessons learned from part 2. This session will bring our collaborative community efforts together. There will be with ample opportunity for questions and answers. We can even have community members share there their screens to show how they have progressed or where they need some guidance.

Please join us.


  • Matthew Modestino


    Staff Sales Engineer


  • Suman Gajavelly


    CTO & Co-Founder bitsIO

  • Aleem Cummins

    bitsIO Inc.

    VP at bitsIO Inc, Community Servant, SplunkTrust MVP and Positive Enabler


  • Suman Gajavelly



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