Mothership App for Splunk and Splunk App Development 101, : February SFBA User Group Meeting

Feb 16, 2023, 2:00 – 4:00 AM

We will hear from 3 Splunkers: Ashley Hoang, Sandeep Vasani and Mayur Pipaliya about the Mothership App for Splunk and Splunk App Development

About this event

Hello SFBA usergroup members. We are excited to be having our first 2023 in-person meeting on February 15 starting at 6:00 pm PT!

We will have refreshments and swag!

*** Please note: Since the meeting is being held at Splunk's Santana row office, you will need to confirm that you feel healthy. ***

We are pleased to have 3 speakers for our usergroup meeting.

- Ashley Hoang, Software Engineer, Splunk
- Sandeep Vasani, Senior Software Engineer, Splunk
-  Mayur Pipaliya, Sr Manager, Forward Deployed Software Engineer, Splunk

Topic 1 - Mothership App for Splunk -

Mothership is a Splunk App that provides a single pane of glass into large multi-instance Splunk deployments. Mothership dispatches SPL on remote Splunk instances on a scheduled interval and retrieves and stores search results locally.

During the session we will be comparing the Mothership ship app with Federated Search and Mission Control.

Join us to learn when to use the options best suited to solve your data problem.

Topic 2 - Splunk App Development 101 - Splunk Enterprise/Cloud, SOAR, Observability


  • Mayur Pipaliya


    Senior Forward Deployed Software Engineer

  • Ashley Hoang


    Software Engineer

  • Sandeep Vasani


    Senior Software Engineer



Thursday, February 16, 2023
2:00 AM – 4:00 AM UTC


Meeting Starts


  • Becky Burwell


    Leader, San Francisco Bay Area Splunk User Group

  • Manan Grover


    Sales Engineer


    User Group Staff

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