STUG Sept Meeting - AIOps and Machine Learning

Toronto Splunk User Group

Tue, Sep 21, 9:00 PM (UTC)


About this event

The September meeting of the Splunk Toronto User Group will feature two speakers and topics, first Josh Atwell on AIOps and second, Urwah Haq on Machine Learning.

Josh Atwell - AIOps: What it is and Why We Should Care
In this talk I'll provide realistic and pragmatic perspectives around the market term, AIOps, which is being used to describe a new generation of intelligent software systems used for managing technology systems. There's a lot of marketing fluff out there, but I'll show you the signal in the noise.

Urwah Haq - Practical Example of Text Analytics & Clustering using MLTK
In this presentation, Urwah will provide a working example of how you can group similar text together using tokenization and clustering available within the Machine Learning ToolKit (MLTK).


  • Derek Mock

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