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SMUG is a Splunk User Group designed to foster and educate our local community of Splunkers (definition - a person who likes to Splunk).

As a platform for machine data, people are constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to use Splunk.  We want to share use cases, provide education, tips & tricks and exposure to cool things you can do with Splunk, and, of course, have fun!

All past, present, and wannabe Splunkers in the Montréal area - or any Splunkers ready to make a road trip to Montréal - are invited to attend. Feel free to bring your friends and colleagues!  The user group meetings are meant to be a safe space where you can share ideas with like-minded IT professionals.

We aim to meet about once a quarter, or more if we feel like it.

Keep the conversation going and get to know your community between your Splunk SMUG meetings! Visit our hub at:

Upcoming events

There are currently no upcoming events. Please check again soon.